Cutaneous Habitat is a series of four immersive installations with sensor-control called Shiver, Blushing, Giddy and Tingle.  They are self-contained, pre-fabricated, electronic kinetic sculptural environments. My unifying thesis is that our skin plays a essential role in interpreting our environment. Organic elements in the works include water, breeze, heat and static electricity. Cutaneous Habitat is being featured this year on Creative Capital's new program :


Blushing is an immersive environment that both visualizes and activates tactile sensations of heat and desire. LED fireflies will appear to dodge participants as people move around the room. They will leave behind isolated patches of sudden, radiant heat.  These are felt quickly and subside gradually, much like a blush across the face. I mean to evoke rushing adrenaline, embarrassment and excitement in order to draw comparisons between the signals in glowing fireflies and reddened human faces. Both humans and insects have complex social communities, yet exhibit simple, momentary signals of attraction and desire to connect. Those overarching patterns are difficult for us to examine in ourselves without dispassionate distance. By abstracting and accentuating the tactility of these signals, I hope to make people interested in their own biological mechanisms of social attraction and interaction.

Blushing is the second work in a series called Cutaneous Habitat.  My premise for the series is that the borders between body and environment fluctuate with shifting psychological, physiological and environmental factors and that we mediate those forces subconsciously through our skin.

Some of the prototyping work we have done includes a parabolic mirror system for making the fireflies appear to be suspended in mid-air and initial programming using wave patterns.