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Shivering In Anticipation didactic

Cutaneous Habitat series
In March of 2012, Undergraduate Research Fellow Alyssa Zasada participated in the National Conference of Undergraduate Research at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah to present her poster on Shiver.
Abstract Exerpt :

The design team made artistic and technical decisions such as having calm white walls, allowing visitors to touch the streams, and letting the sound of the water fill the space.  Each decision was meant to contribute to the aim of bridging the gap between body and art and creating an intimacy between SHIVER and the visitor.  This study investigates our theory that a relationship emerges from the experience of interacting with this technologically enhanced environment.  We created a questionnaire that asked participants to address how they think, feel, and respond when they are inside the artwork.  The results suggest a common theme of fascination and relaxation, with the piece being described as playful, engaging, calming, mesmerizing, and soothing. 

Sample Research Questions :
In 2010, as part of our attempts to understand the nature of the waterflows, we did some microscopic photography to compare the industrial fabric to skin and to try to see the internal flow of the water: