Shiver integrates programming, electronics and a re-circulating water system into a pre-fabricated, architectural framework with water-resistant fabric walls. Upon entering the artwork, visitors activate trickling flows of water. The flows form curving, crawling rivulets, similar to what in seen on wet human skin. The physiological and psychological aspects of skin are used as visual metaphors and sensory mechanisms.  My research on skin biology and the phenomenology of space results in a work that engages the body surface, activates the senses, and brings the body into direct relationship with its environment. The connection between inner and outer ecosystems is made palpable.  Shiver is the first work in a series of four rooms called Cutaneous Habitat.
Shiver installed at the KSE Open Studios
Shivering In Anticipation Didactic Video


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Shivering In Anticipation didactic

Cutaneous Habitat series